Sensory Jars

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I took some photos of jars filled with secret ingredients during my visit to High Rise Sensory Group (one of the groups I manage through my post at Pyramid of Arts). Manipulating them through movement, shaking them and gently agitating the flow of liquids, turning them quickly on their tops, capturing the sun shining through the jars, I photographed the colourful contents as they created wonderful patterns. I put the resulting images together to create glossy collages – and by glossy I mean they are best viewed on a glossy screen.

They remind me of sedimentary rocks, oceans with waves crashing down, blood samples…

What do you see?

Bramley Elderly Action – Bridlington extra care trip

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I was recently invited to photograph an extra care trip out with Bramley Elderly Action, to Bridlington. It was a mild day, with gentle strolls by the seaside and some fun at the arcades. We had traditional fish and chips, and stopped by one of the many sweet shops to pick up supplies of fudge, rock and pick ‘n’ mix. I do love a traditional English seaside day out.

Tetley Workshop – Mini Trini Garden

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Day two of The Tetley’s ‘Fantasy Carnival Garden’ and it was a hot one! Felt like we were actually in the Caribbean and not the Brewery Green outside. We had lots of visitors and returning families from yesterday. All the structures on the lawn looked wonderful, with a splash of colour and catching the wind, the birds flew and the windmill flowers span around.

I printed out a few photos of birds from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago, to inspire the children and learn something new about a country they may well never have heard of, until now. I am privy to knowledge about T&T, as I have a (pen)friend who has grown up with me – almost 30 years now! I have been lucky to visit on a couple of occasions, and even had the opportunity to help create the costumes the ‘Mas bands’ wear during the parade.

More about the carnival in T&T can be found here: National Carnival Commission and Carnival in T&T
And of course the reason we are celebrating all things carnival this weekend, the Leeds West Indian Carnival has it’s 50th Anniversary this year. The Tetley is showcasing an exhibition of photos and archival materials of the carnival until October later this year.

Below is how the day went:

The birds in more detail

More from the weekend

Tetley Workshop – Festival Carnival Garden

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This weekend there are four artist workshops at The Tetley as part of the 50 year anniversary of Leeds West Indies Carnival. Each workshop is based around this theme, and together we are building a fantasy carnival garden.

  • Mechanical Flowers – workshop lead by Jim Bond
  • Decorating Large Birds – workshop lead by Hayley Mills-Styles
  • Butterfly Wings – workshop lead by Sarah-Jane Mason
  • Mini Trini Garden – workshop lead by Mindy Goose

My workshop was to create a scene based on Trinidadian (Trini) folklore and their birds. When Carnival first started in Trinidad, the costumes were based on folklore and eventually took inspiration from environment to decorate elaborate costumes, bright colours and bird feathers.

So, inspired by this, we created hummingbirds, flying in the sky, and characters of folklore living in the forest (many of which I have chosen, because they are less macabre and more child friendly). There were illustrated descriptions to read, and photos of the birds of Trinidad & Tobago. We used collage and built 3D jumbies, Mama Dlos, and Papa Bois that lived in the trees.

Tomorrow we expect even more wonderful creations.

Saturday in photos:

More from the weekend

Bramley Elderly Action – in photos

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I have started volunteering for Bramley Elderly Action (BEA), as a befriender and as a photographer.

A befriender is someone “who provides friendly conversation and companionship on a regular basis over a long period of time. Befriending provides an older person with a link to the outside world and often acts as a gateway for other services and valuable support.” Age UK

I visit an elderly lady, who is in her 90’s, for an hour every Sunday afternoon. We chat about our lives, we have lots of stories to tell, and it’s really interesting to listen to someone with 50 years more history behind them than myself. I show her the photography books I have been making each month, and recently introduced her to my dog – a meeting that was truly wonderful, smiles and endorphins in the air, both parties were truly enamoured with each other, I knew my Mickey would make a good therapy dog, he does so well with me.

I have also been taking photographs, on a voluntary basis, of various projects, for BEA. I enjoy meeting new people, and I haven’t managed to do much work recently due to illness, so this is something I want to do to get my confidence back and to ease myself back into seeking work again.

Below are a selection of some of the photos I have taken: