Exhibition – The Story of a Lost Toy

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On 29th September until 13th October, I will be showing the culmination of a year of collecting tennis balls. Images of discarded and destroyed tennis balls that is!
Hosted at the Union Coffee House, we will be holding a one off special dog friendly viewing on 6th October.

Visit Eventbrite to book your ticket and bring your pet pooch (or just come to meet all the other pet pooches).

Google Maps satellite image showing the area which the photos were taken. My walks take me over the common at the top, into the Abbey House gardens, around the Abbey parkland, along the river, and through the woodlands at the bottom. 

About Union Coffee House
A unique community space and venue to hire in the heart of the city. All the furniture in the cafe is for sale, including the chairs you’ll be sitting on. Their furniture is a mixture of up-cycled/pre-loved and handmade, and they can create bespoke furniture to suit their customers. All their suppliers are local small independent businesses or social enterprises. The charity that they are currently working with is LS14 Trust in Seacroft. It is a quirky place that is quick to make you feel welcome and at home.

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This is exhibition is part of Love Arts Festival, a yearly festival held in Leeds as a celebration of mental wellbeing and the arts, click on the image below to see the full the programme.

Kirkstall Art Trail – ‘Walk and Create’ and ‘Abbey Flowers’

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Walk an Create



As part of Kirkstall Art Trail www.kirkstallarttrail.com

We shall meet at 11am outside the Gatehouse Cafe, Abbey House Museum, Abbey Road.
Bring your sketch pads, pens, cameras*, and above all your imagination.

We will be walking around the grounds of the Abbey, visiting the gardens, looking at some of the exhibitions and chatting with the artists on the art trail.

During our meander we will sketch, write, take photos, about our experiences. We will finish off our work back at the visitor centre. There will be some paper, pens, scissors, glue etc available at the centre.

All work will be shown on the Sunday of the art trail in the visitors centre – so you will part of your very own exhibition.

*any camera, phone cameras are perfect!

Abbey Flowers

SATURDAY 21st JULY – Gatehouse Cafe (11am-4pm)
SUNDAY 22nd JULY – Abbey House Walled Garden (11pm-4pm)

As part of Kirkstall Art Trail , I will be showing a collection of flowers, plants and bugs taken during walks with my dog, all shot with my handy iPhone.
All plants were found in the gardens next to Abbey House Museum


Kirkstall Stories – Family Workshop

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This weekend was the 3rd annual Kirkstall Arts Trail. This year  I opted to run a family workshop for Abbey House Museum (Leeds Museums). I’ve been running quite a few story based workshops, and thought a Kirkstall Stories inspired workshop would be great.
We were moved over to the Abbey’s Visitor Centre, which was a great idea, as we were based alongside the main KAT hub, and tea and biscuits on tap!

The day has been very warm, and we were visited by lots of people; sharing the space with a face painter was brilliant, even parents joined in, I haven’t seen many butterflies around recently, but saw plenty today. We worked well together, whilst waiting to have their faces painted, children could take part in the Stories workshop.

Some of the little storybooks the children created were inspired by their time in the Abbey, what they had seen on the trail, or they were just inspired by brilliant imaginations (they all had brilliant imaginations). I am a great fan of using different materials to illustrate with, and we had a variety materials, coloured paper, glittery bits, sticky eyes, coloured pens and pencils, and plenty of different fabrics to use (kindly donated by my friend Kim Searle). I find if someone isn’t fond of drawing, then collage with materials is often a good choice. I also had my trusted story cubes, and photobooks of things mostly photographed in Kirkstall as inspiration.

I really enjoyed the workshop, and sitting with families listening to what they had been up to on the trail, it’s wonderful that Leeds has so much to offer families that is free to participate in.

I didn’t see much of the trail sadly this year (due to illness), so I look forward to seeing all the photos of the weekend being posted online.

Please click on the images and scroll through them, they give insight into the book creation and tell more about the stories the participants were illustrating.

All photos taken on iPhone and edited in Lightroom


Exploring Yorkshire

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It’s been a while since I blogged. A few injuries and less exploration with my camera has lead to a very quiet few months.
However I am preparing for an exhibition with fellow photographers, opening in October. It’s part of the Love Arts Leeds 2016 festival programme. Exploring Yorkshire, selects photos from our trips out with our cameras, into the beauty that is Yorkshire. Capturing people, landscapes, weather in all seasons, details, wide open spaces, the quirks of the British. Our exploration keeps us well, being outdoors and taking notice are just two of the ways to wellbeing.

Below are a selection of my images, looking at textures and our interaction with our environments. I am fascinated by patterns, tones and hidden details. 


Climbers at Malham Cove


Boar at Bolton Abbey


Swimmer at Sandsend


Boating pool at Bridlington

Official exhibition poster

Official exhibition poster