Sensory Jars

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I took some photos of jars filled with secret ingredients during my visit to High Rise Sensory Group (one of the groups I manage through my post at Pyramid of Arts). Manipulating them through movement, shaking them and gently agitating the flow of liquids, turning them quickly on their tops, capturing the sun shining through the jars, I photographed the colourful contents as they created wonderful patterns. I put the resulting images together to create glossy collages – and by glossy I mean they are best viewed on a glossy screen.

They remind me of sedimentary rocks, oceans with waves crashing down, blood samples…

What do you see?

POA at Beeston Festival

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Pyramid of Arts visited Beeston Festival on Saturday. A very windy day, which had it’s advantage as the tendrils we added to the hoop fluttered and flowed in the air.
It was great for families, as they stopped by and helped create plaits and tied them to the hoop. The little ‘uns especially enjoyed being in the centre as the ribbons blew around them, creating a real sensory treat.

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