‘Challenging Leeds’


Commencing in September 2014, I will be facilitating an ambitious project to document voices across Leeds. I am searching for artists who want to collaborate and produce a body of work that will culminate in an Exhibition in the city of Leeds at the end of 2015.

This is the initial proposal, yet to be fleshed out:

Because I would like to secure funding, we need to produce work that will document Leeds life in a positive way and to give access to communities in Leeds. As such, after consideration, I believe that working with specific groups within the remit of disabilities, people with challenging lives and minorities is the avenue I would like to take this project down.

Although these groups may have been documented before, I do believe that there is scope to revisit groups, and create empathic images that work with the client rather than distant observation. It is important to my personal work that inclusion is a huge factor. I do not believe in an “Us and them” dialogue, rather a diversity that creates a whole, we all have our own unique approaches to life, of course environmental and biological factors can have extreme effects on a persons existence, but we all fit into a vast jigsaw of humanity.

Once I have the list of all that have registered interest by the end of August, I will arrange a meeting for everyone so that we can take the project forward. As I said in the initial call out, we are looking for a variety of styles and ideas, it will be of great benefit to explore this subject using as many themes as possible.
The project will require research, meeting with and becoming acquainted with groups you wish to document, a long term commitment with positive outcomes.
Please be aware, that this project will facilitated by me, with support, but being self driven is a must, I encourage everyone’s input.

The outcomes will be:
– A themed exhibition featuring everyone’s work in 2015.
– A book to compliment the exhibition.
– The opportunity to network with organisations and other artists.

I would also like everyone to think about what it is they would like to get from the project.

I will periodically keep in touch, but please be aware, we will not commence until September.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.