Dog’s Trust Fun Day 2015

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By now, you may have guessed I love dogs and even more so, Fun Dog shows. I visited Dogs Trust Leeds to attend my first ever Fun Day, it was really busy, lots of dogs, so many different dogs, doggy heaven! I went with a good friend of mine, and her two dogs Cecil and Leo. (Oh and their dog father came along too).


Meet Cecil, a hound with wise eyes and a mischievous disposition. Came third in Beeston’s Dog Show ‘Most Handsome Hound’.


This is Leo, a dog with no gender issues, happy to be a diva, wear a tutu and be the man. He poses without need for a treat.

I also sneakily took a few photos of owners and their mutts, one day I will have my own dog portrait business…

IMG_3918 IMG_3972 IMG_3916 IMG_3940 IMG_3953 IMG_3999 IMG_3992 IMG_3995 IMG_3964

It seemed odd to not to be walking or sitting with a dog!!

This hound was happy to pose, whilst his owners were obliviously looking at the many stalls, fun games with prizes, crafts, doggy gifts, information, donkeys, owls…


Leo asks, ‘Can we do the agility? ¬†Please, please, woof!’

IMG_3965 IMG_3974

The queue for the agility….

Cecil and Leo’s attempts at tunnels, jumps and ramps!

IMG_4018 IMG_4021

‘I want that sausage…’

IMG_4026 IMG_4031

Why go over, when you are small enough to go under! Cecil isn’t daft. Both him and Leo managed to jump the bars, and they both got their sausage!


‘Did you say sausage??!! Yum!’


‘I love sausage, I also love treats that aren’t well hidden, and generally being mischievous. But look into my eyes and tell me you don’t think I am loveable and cute!’