Dog Days with Evie

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I recently went for a walk with a good friend of mine to photograph her dog for a fantastic project she is curating, my images are below. I have to say Evie is a delightful dog with such a bright personality, it was a pleasure to photograph her. Here’s what Anne-Marie has to say about her project:

I’ve wanted to curate this project for a while now, to creatively capture my own unbeatable canine companion Evie. What has finally spurred me into action is the combination of two events: a recent short trip to India, where I was dismayed to witness the amount of street dogs, many with injuries, open wounds, skin trouble, or skeletal bodies; and returning to the news of the arson attack on Manchester Dogs Home that killed over 50 dogs and left many more injured.

You can purchase a printed copy of the zine for £4.50.

All money raised from this project will be donated to Red Paws Rescue, a shelter in New Delhi who rescue, spay and rehome street dogs, and Farplace Animal Rescue in my childhood home of Weardale, a vegan no-kill shelter.

Anne-Marie Atkinson


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