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It goes without saying, that this is very much a world driven by the Internet. As much as physical networking is still important, it is hugely influenced by the web. With that in mind, more and more I am finding myself researching how to make even a small ripple in the fabric of the web, and reach out to people interested in what I am doing or saying. Being in the creative industry is challenging in itself, but having an online presence is imperative to be noticed for what you do, it brings about an even greater challenge with how to use the myriad of tools that are out their to promote yourself and engage.

Earlier I wrote a blog about how I use twitter, but that it is only one element of the social media choices out there, the old age saying of being a Jack of all trades and master of none, really ceases its purpose here. I have my specialism, and that is photography, my focus mainly on Wellbeing and mental health, but in order to give my skills and passion the audience they deserve, I need to be a master of all when it comes to social media. The simple fact is I can reach many more people in this manner than I could purely from physical networking alone. Although I do not discount meeting face to face, it is still very important to have meetings and interaction in this manner, for it’s here you see, to use another phrase, the proof is in the pudding, but a high percentage of these meetings are now generated through an online presence.

I’ve been researching, reading, following, looking, listening and learning about how I can make myself stand out and be noticed. I’m still job seeking, wanting to work in the arts and community, public or third sector, but without having a lengthy background in the latter, I’m having to work hard to finally find what I am seeking for. I love working hard however, I am meeting fantastic new people, learning amazing things, being involved in wonderful projects and that I wouldn’t change for an easier life. So what of social media? How does this help me? On this blog I can share what I learn, share what I am involved in, share what I am creating, share what inspires me, share updates on my projects and no application form can allow this amount of insight into how I work and what I do.

I am redesigning the front page of this website to reflect my skills, as my website is a showcase of me, I need to make my home page give me the best introduction I can. I read a blog about creative CVs, an online version of the usually 1 dimensional paper job seekers gift to employers, has to have more punch than lists, fancy fonts and big words. I’m setting myself a task here, I’m not a designer, but I wish to complete this challenge by the end of April, when I will be ready to open my first big, self directed project to a huge audience! If all goes well I hope to take on more projects like this and really prove I can do it.

However, to push traffic to my website, I still need to utilise all the available online tools out there. Hard work and persistence pays off, if I can make an impact from what I am doing, it will be down to having a belief that I can make a difference, and the fantastic people out there watching what I am doing and having a belief in me too. And social media.