iPhoneography – Part 2


Creative Filters

Mobile photography has tried to emulate old film styles and there are many apps out there that replicate film styles, ageing, adding bokeh, flares and stars. However, adding a filter to your photograph does not make a photograph suddenly become great. I believe that starts with the eye and the ability to see. Snapping away without thought, not noticing what is in your viewfinder, will often result in shoddy photography (admittedly we occasionally get that lucky shot).Here I am going to show you how to manipulate filters and create your own for a more individual and creative look. This is pure fun, it makes social networking sites such as Instagram become alive with difference!

Basic Editing

As in the previous tutorial I will edit my work first, to enhance contrast, saturation, ambiance, correct white balance etc.

The following edits were using Snapseed and then Camera +, details of which can be found on the previous post.



Camera +


Superimpose This is a great app! For masking and blending right on your phone, this app is second to none. Asides making your own filters, you are able to blend two images together, literally superimposing. When I first got this app, I had much fun practicing by superimposing my friends in scenarios with giant turkeys and mutant spiders (clearly been watching far too much SyFy).

Firstly upload your background image, in this case the one of the river scene. Then upload your foreground image, which here is a photo of a page of text. Scale to fit over the background, it doesn’t matter if it stretches the words, you will be fading it to not really notice too much. Whilst in transform select a blending mode (the far right top icon), apply which one you want to use, here I used hard light to retain some of the text, and then turn up the transparency.


The next thing I did here was to remove some of the text filter to give it a rough look. The final edit at this stage, below right.



Filtermania This is a purely aesthetic app, with some truly awful filters. But some of them add a nice texture which works well with some images. The beauty of this app is the ability to reduce the opacity and only have a touch of the filter showing through, this is a good thing if you want to be creative with your photographs.




Final Edit Below is the final edit of this image, adding a textured border from the Camera + app, giving a more gritty feel!


More Examples What you can do with filters, layers and generally experimenting with your apps. Adding borders, filters and textures.