Kirkstall Arts Trail 2

Commissioned Work, Diary, Kirkstall Arts

After procrastinating how we would actually go about starting the project for Kirkstall Arts Trail in July, myself and Mat finally stepped outside our cosy house into the cold of early evening to meet with our neighbours.

There are 35 houses on our street, 34 if you don’t count ours. It’s quite daunting knocking on somebody’s door, hoping they will answer and be receptive. Not wanting anybody to think we cold callers, or hawking goods. But we met with a positive reception from every single person who opened their door to us. It has been truly lovely to see the strangers behind those doors on our street.

So, our first introduction has gone well, we spoke with 15 houses, and each one seems unique, with an interesting tale to tell.

We plan to commence shooting in April, ready to finish editing by the middle of May. It will be exciting to be part of the Trail, with a gallery of the work exhibited in our garden, for all our neighbours to see.

We are also interested in some of the suggestions we heard, maybe bringing our neighbours together on July 4th for a street party; or producing a magazine, which would be a souvenir of the work, that everyone can buy.

I’ll keep you updated with work as it progresses.

You can follow Mat Dale’s work here.