Kirkstall Arts Trail 3

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Kirkstall Arts trail is not far away now – Saturday 18th July. My housemate and photographic collaborator, and myself have been meeting with our neighbours, and getting to know their story.
It’s been a wonderful experience, excuses to pop round and say hello to neighbours are very few. Neighbourhoods are not as cohesive in this area due to the migrating population of young professionals and graduated students. We know of a couple of long term residents, who can tell us about how the street has changed, but the warmth that they exude is very encouraging, it makes a neighbourhood feel homely, comfortable and an attractive place to live. We hope this project and the connections we have made, lasts long into our time on the street.

These are some of the shots that we have taken. I focus on the details, the precious and most prized possessions. The portraits are taken by Mat, as his style is more involved with people.

Image below by Mat Dale.


A map of the trail can be viewed here.