New look website


I’ve been working hard trying to find myself and a direction I am comfortable heading in.

During the summer I felt very lost, unsure what I was achieving returning to study or indeed what I was actually going to do after my studies.

But looking back, when I was at my lowest, I have actually found something quite positive out of the experience.

The things I love most in the world, is making change for the better or at least being part of a bigger organisation that is. I enjoy being a benefit to people. I enjoy seeing people feel welcomed and worthwhile.

I volunteered for the Love Arts Leeds festival during Autumn 2011, which lead me to my current work with Time To Change, and my ambition to work in the third sector in affecting change.

I am running my first workshop next month, which I hope is the start of a new chapter in my life. A positive one, one I can be proud of, one that makes a difference in at least one persons life.

So why the new website? With this new direction of certainty, I wanted to keep the projects that matter and remove the projects that have held me back in the past. So with people and well-being as my priority, I want to focus more on this, so changing the look was important to mark this change.