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My good friend Laura Jordan, created Papergirl Leeds after the success of the original event in Berlin. There are now several operations throughout the world and in many cities across the country.Laura says this about the project:

The Papergirl project was started in Berlin, Germany in 2006 by Aisha Ronniger.
The project was a response to the changed laws in regards to public art; making wheat-pasted artwork in public spaces as illegal as spray painted graffiti. At the time, many artists in Berlin would “give” their work to the public in this way.
The changing laws posed a problem: How could artists still get their work to be seen by the public without facing prosecution?
Inspired by the papergirls and boys of America, distributing papers on their bikes, Aisha began to organise what we now know as Papergirl.
Artists are called upon to submit their artwork to Papergirl. Every single submission is included in a free, public exhibition. After the exhibition, the submissions are rolled into bundles and distributed to the public in a bicycle ride.
The Art of Giving Art.
Since 2006, Papergirl has spread all over the world. Each one a showcase of talented artists and the spirit of bringing creativity to passers by.
A project for all ages, genders, backgrounds and disciplines!!

Papergirl Leeds started in 2011.
Our debut event received over 250 submissions from artists all over the world, resulting in a 10 day exhibition at TestSpace Leeds.
With each Papergirl Leeds event we hope to get bigger and better than the previous. Inspiring more and more people to get involved.

Laura has kindly asked me to be Papergirl Leeds official photographer, which I have obviously accepted, and I am excited to be involved in the next project later this year.

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