IPhone, the new permanent addition to my camera bag

Diary, Tutorials

I’ve taken my iPhone on holiday as an additional camera to my 35mm. Producing quality images, candids, using apps to process images, ever since my trip to New York and my DSLR malfunctioning on me, I’ve embraced the iPhone camera as an important part of my equipment.
I see it in the way as a modern Leica was to Cartier-Bresson, a simple camera to capture every day life and the little quirks that you’d miss out on if you had to rely on a weighty cumbersome DSLR.
It’s also useful as research to photograph life around me as part of a new project I’m undertaking called provisionally ‘Isolation, Family, Community’. Centred around my own experience, feeling isolated at times, wanting to be a part of my community, it will document my time and endeavours to fulfill this, as well as my diary of thoughts as I look at the world surrounding me and ponder over it’s intricacies and my desires.
My iPhone is pivotal in achieving the foundation to this project, and as such will be at my side on a more permanent basis.

Written and uploaded via iPhone