Take Notice Leeds

Diary, Events, Mental Health

I am in the process of starting up a new photography group in Leeds. It’s an open group with an emphasis on wellbeing, so everyone can feel welcome without fear of prejudice or discrimination.

We hope to share skills, show work for positive critique, arrange trips to photograph and to see culture in a different city, put on exhibitions, take on challenges and ultimately grow as a collective of diverse and wonderful people.

Our first meeting will take place in the upcoming weeks and run every month on a Wednesday teatime.

There is a Facebook group you can join to find out more and will be the conduit for further information, chats and shares in the future.

The first meeting is a chance to say hello and find out what people want from the group, suggestions and a general enthuse for photography.

We are being supported by the great Arts and Minds Network from afar, you can become a member here. Arts and Minds promotes and encourages mental wellbeing through the creative arts, with the belief that art can assist recovery and in general keep a person in good wellbeing.

Take Notice is one of the five ways to wellbeing, something I have carried throughout most of my recent work, you can see more information about the nef’s Five Ways here.

The ground rules to the group are that you respect one another and listen to what each other has to say, negative treatment of any member will not be tolerated at any time.