Ten Destinations


The gorgeous scenery of Iceland. Image from a trip I took in May 2008.


I find having goals really helps with wellbeing, common sense really, something to aspire to, something to work towards, something to look forward to…

However, I tend to give myself some pretty outrageous goals at time, and this is quite possibly my ultimate. The top 10 of places I really have to visit before I die!

  1. Hawaii – not for the beautiful beaches and surf as you’d imagine, but simply to witness the volcanic activity on such a magnificent scale. The Earth is a living organism and where better to see this than in Hawaii.
  2. Tuvalu – a small island in far away Polynesia. My father had a peculiar obsession with the place, and I always told myself and for his memory, that I would visit for real one day. The journey to Tuvalu is an adventure in itself, taking a total of 2 days or so to get there from the UK.
  3. Iceland – I have already visited Iceland before, but I am so in awe of the place, that I am desperate to get back there. It is such a magical place, it makes perfect sense that myths and legends make up part of Iceland’s history (or Sagas)
  4. New Zealand – for much the same reason as Hawaii and Iceland, the magical quality of the islands fascinates me, my Aunty lived there for many years, so I recall many tales of the country from childhood.
  5. Japan – I want to visit simply for the light. I love Japanese photography, in particular Rinko Kawauchi, and the ethereal quality the light gives the images. I have an image of serenity outside of Tokyo that I would love to explore.
  6. British Columbia – the most westerly province in Canada and home to distant relatives, for which I would love to meet and allow them to show me around the amazing scenery it has to offer.
  7. Chile – I see Chile as the closest place to the Antarctic without going to the Antarctic itself. My ambition is to drive the length of this long and skinny country taking in the culture and scenery on my way.
  8. Danakil Desert, Ethiopia – this will probably be the last place I visit, being home to one of the most inhospitable places on earth, and the hottest place on earth the Dallol Volcano. In videos, it looks a sight worth beholding!
  9. Papua New Guinea – a country that hosts recently discovered new species, and lush greenery to envy as one of natures prettiest gardens. Oh and volcanoes!
  10. I’m leaving number 10 open for suggestions, I’d love to hear what places you’d love to visit and which have been your favourite places to go. Leave a comment on my Facebook page