The discordant mind

Diary, Mental Health

I wish there was a way to silence my head,
With thoughts that intrude a peaceful mind,
To banish them forever or cage them away,
To give time to heal and allow a self to be kind.
Sensitive filters see only the worst,
With bright positive encounters ignored,
To hide the anger, resentment and frustration,
To hear only voices that tell me I’m adored.
I fight with words, talk to myself, consumed
With hurtful lies, you’re a failure, no good.
To be victorious and win the battles of will,
To see my value and worth as imbued
With kindness, belief and love,
With reason to live beyond walls of self loathing.
With happiness solid in my heart,
With trust and conviction in my own growing.
Stronger I become, as each passing day,
Learning and knowledge that I am only human,
Allow myself vulnerabilities, not seen as weak,
Together we will see this self doubt gone.
Silence those words in my head, with stories
Of times that I give away unconditional love,
I would not hurt a friend with such ugly expectation,
And myself I must befriend if I am to ever be enough.