Theory and Critical


Most students baulk at the idea of essay writing and looking in depth at the more analytical side to art, and in particular to my course, photography. Yet I find the theory and critical contextualisation an interesting subject.

Understanding your practice and how photos are read is integral to producing work that is understood by others. Knowing your audience and their needs, realising how history has shaped the world of photography and grasping the basis of communication can only be of benefit, adding layers to your work that wouldn’t exist without this knowledge.

I have a love of history, one which admittedly has only blossomed in the last five years, but my understanding of the nature of man and our bizarre behaviours complements my work. I am intrigued how photography can change the views of the most ignorant when words have failed.

We are encouraged to write a blog for this module on our course. You can read my insights and introductions to photographers and theory on my tumblr blog. It may seem daunting, but sometimes learning is a discovery that will open your eyes!

Mindy Goose Critical Studies

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