Mindy Goose is a Leeds based  artist. 

“My fine art photographic practice finds its inspiration from nature and pattern. Taking some inspiration from the Bechers typologies, I find patterns and repeat motifs in nature, collecting images and grouping them together as a series of typologies. I also have an illustrative practice, primarily working with acrylic paint markers, but also with other mediums such as lino print. 

I am proudly autistic, and repetition of both movement in drawing and as visual stimulus is one of the methods in which I keep myself well and grounded.

I am a passionate activist, especially with disability activism. I am one of the original members of a disabled artist collective, called DISrupt.   

Before leaving work, after being disabled by transverse myelitis, I was a skilled arts project manager, with almost two decades experience in a management role. I was a community learning tutor and artist, involved in facilitating workshops and leading creative art group projects.

Involving people played part of my work ethic. Working with learning disabilities, mental health, adults and children. I was the Project Coordinator for the highly successful High Rise project at Pyramid, which is Leeds based arts based collective working with people with learning disabilities, and autistic people. You can read the legacy report here. I continue to volunteer, and I was elected as a trustee with Pyramid in 2022.”