Bugs and Beetles

I love beetles, bugs, and other insects, most creepy crawlies. In another life maybe I would’ve been an entomologist, specialising in photographing them all really close up. Bugs and beetles are especially wonderful, they have so many beautiful colours, often glistening like precious metals and gems. I’ve wanted to incorporate insects more into my drawings of plants, but first I need to know I can draw them! Here is a quick study of some beetles using my favourite Molotow acrylic paint markers. 


Clockwork from top left: spoecilcoris druraei (jewel bug, which isn’t a beetle but a true bug), volinus sticticus (dung beetle), eupholdus bennetti (jewel weevil), and a buprestidae (jewel beetle, of which there over 15, 000 species known – so far! I couldn’t find the exact name for this one though)