Abbey House Project – Hollybush

The project I’m leading at Abbey House, part of the Yorkshire a Exhibition, took us to Hollybush Conservation centre and their Christmas Craft Market today.
It was our first outing to photograph a place of work, and it certainly was a lovely place to start. There were a few nerves to begin with, it was a busy bustling place, but everyone eased into it. I think, without doubt, there will be some lovely photographs to take away from the day. I put my two students on the spot with asking questions, but I feel they did fine, and we got the voice of the subject, which George Walker failed to ask for.
Next workplace is Spa & Beauty First, a contrast to the earthiness of Hollybush, but one that will be equally enjoyable to photograph.

The Conversation Volunteers at Hollybush
The Conversation Volunteers at Hollybush – Christmas Market