LPE – Malham Cove

I’ve started a new photography group, Leeds Photography Excursions (LPE). We plan on visiting places around Yorkshire documenting our travels. Any one can join, it is not just for professionals, but it is definitely for enthusiasts, you need to be ok with the walking and then the stopping to take photos.

Our first outing was to the gorgeous Malham Cove and Gordale Scar. It was cold and windy, with snow still present in some places, but the sun was out and made it gorgeous for photographing. I have some medium format film to develop, which I have shot using my late fathers TLR, I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I’ll post the images when I get the film back.

_MG_0012 _MG_0013 _MG_0050 _MG_0079 _MG_0123 _MG_0125 _MG_0164 _MG_0167 _MG_0175 _MG_0182 _MG_0196 _MG_0199 _MG_0207 _MG_0215 _MG_0237 _MG_0252 _MG_0254 _MG_0277 _MG_0285 _MG_0289