Tetley workshop – Camera Obscura

I ran a workshop at The Tetley in December during the Scientific Method exhibition, creating simple camera obscuras.

Probably not the best time of year to be creating an object that is heavily reliant on light, but we persisted all the same. I only had three families attend the workshop, which proved to be in our favour, as I could spend time with them, explain processes, and help with the construction. I enjoyed explaining how light travels, and cameras work (such is the science nerd deep within me).

Below are some images from the workshop and a instructions on how to make your own. One tip though, they work better in good light, so an overcast day is not the best day to experiment, and begin your understanding of how cameras work!

Items you require to make a simple camera obscura

Our decorated, and very seasonal, camera obscuras
Image taken with my camera, you can make out the upside down view of the car park and buildings from the Learning Studios windows

Click here to see the tutorial on how you can make you very own camera obscura