Tetley Workshop – Mini Trini Garden


Day two of The Tetley’s ‘Fantasy Carnival Garden’ and it was a hot one! Felt like we were actually in the Caribbean and not the Brewery Green outside. We had lots of visitors and returning families from yesterday. All the structures on the lawn looked wonderful, with a splash of colour and catching the wind, the birds flew and the windmill flowers span around.

I printed out a few photos of birds from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago, to inspire the children and learn something new about a country they may well never have heard of, until now. I am privy to knowledge about T&T, as I have a (pen)friend who has grown up with me – almost 30 years now! I have been lucky to visit on a couple of occasions, and even had the opportunity to help create the costumes the ‘Mas bands’ wear during the parade.

More about the carnival in T&T can be found here: National Carnival Commission and Carnival in T&T
And of course the reason we are celebrating all things carnival this weekend, the Leeds West Indian Carnival has it’s 50th Anniversary this year. The Tetley is showcasing an exhibition of photos and archival materials of the carnival until October later this year.

Below is how the day went:

The birds in more detail

More from the weekend