Tetley Workshop – Sound Weaves

The current exhibit at The Tetley is No Quiet Place. 

Using a spectrum of approaches to production, exhibiting artists share an interest in mixing visual and sonic elements within their work. Some installations embrace the cacophony of contemporary culture’s accelerated pace, whilst others lament it, wistfully dreaming of a time and place reserved for quieter contemplation.

I am really interested in using our different senses when creating art work, and finding ways to inspire the imaginations of the participants. So the idea of using sound to create visual art work really appealed to me.

The idea of Sound Weaves (catchy name for a workshop, I thought so too!), was to listen to the sounds that were broadcast in the room, rummage through the many different materials that were on offer and create their own unique weave. I visited Scrap, located in Sunnybank Mills in Farsley, before the workshop, and picked a plethora of materials, different textures, colours, fabrics; as well as foraging for sticks and bits & pieces that nature had thrown down for me (living near the grounds of Kirkstall Abbey, this was an ideal location to find what I needed).

IMG_0211The participants also had a choice of creating a frame for their weaving from sticks and string, or to use material I had bought from Scrap (offcuts and trade waste), which fitted perfectly for what we where doing.

IMG_0220Above, a young participant creating their loom using natural materials.

IMG_0224Above, inspired by the sound of the sea.

IMG_0232Above, the finished result, embellished with fish and sea creatures, and making good use of the catkins I’d picked up from underneath a willow tree, as sea plants.



IMG_0213Above, inspired by the sounds of Australia, birds, the sea and lightening.


IMG_0245Above, the sound of someone running up the steps; 70’s music; african drums represented by the red; flowers from a british meadow; leather representing cows mooing (a very literal interpretation); green fields; tartan of the flying scotsman steam train.





IMG_0264Above, a collaborative creation by a mother and a daughter.

IMG_0269Above, finished piece, which will hung proudly at home.

If you want to listen to the playlist (of odd sounds, globally inspired music and natures soundtrack) you can here:

Sound Weaves, YouTube playlist

I enjoyed the workshop, and want to do more things involving different materials, and being inspired by using different senses.