Women’s Project – Update 2


I started the Self Portrait project back in July, working with Together Women Leeds. It has been a slow process, for a variety of reasons, my own ill health being just one of them.  But there is one thing I am learning from this project, and that is developing my own self confidence.

The workshop has covered topics such as positive body image, improving self worth, looking at perspective, positive affirmations; autobiographical writing, using timelines, ten memories for significant moments in life, and 3 line life story. The purpose for all these workshops was to encourage self worth, to encourage the idea that all the hardship and bad mistakes we may make in life, only build us up to be the people we become. Finding the good in ourselves, seeing life from others eyes as well as our present eyes, giving ourselves positive affirmations everyday. And take all those negative occurrences and beliefs, and treat them as a story, a memory, from the past, that belongs in the past.

We also looked at different ways we could create our self portraits. Maybe a memory from the past, seen in a different perspective. Recreating childhood photographs. Decorating the image to mirror uniqueness.

The workshop visited Studio 12 at Leeds Central Library, where we took studio shots, with the students directing themselves and how they wanted to portray themselves. The students really seemed to get a lot out of being in front of the camera and from using the camera and lights. One of the comments I received was how before the workshop started, she didn’t think she’d feel so at ease in front of the camera, and feels a lot more confident.

The emphasis has been on being ourselves, and creating something personal that will represent us. I have been against retouching images (removing scars, lines, wrinkles, folds, etc), because the study is producing work that celebrates who we are, as we are.

The workshop is continuing for a few more weeks, before being displayed as part of Love Arts Leeds 2015


Below are links to some of the resources I have used.

slideshow of the images I used to illustrate self portraiture opened up much discussion as to what constitutes a self portrait. It is open to much interpretation as the self portrait is uniquely self driven.

Positive AffirmationsSlide08